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Laravel, a full stack PHP based web framework famous for its carefully crafted and much loved developer experience. It was created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, who was inspired by prior work like CodeIgniter, Symphony and Rails.

It has a large following of independent developers thanks to its laser focus on clean, minimal code, along with with a huge ecosystem of tools that can do the heavy lifting. Traditionally, it's used as a model view controller framework to build server side web applications. 

A model represents data that can live in a wide variety of databases, while a view represents what the end user sees. In HTML, views are powered by blade templates that can bind PHP and HTML code into a single file. 

Finally, we have a router and controllers in the middle which allow the user to safely interact with the data model. This pattern can be used to build monolithic applications, but Laravel can also build standalone APIs or integrate with popular front end frameworks thanks to an adjacent library called Inertia.